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Paint by numbers for Kids and Adults.

Our paint by number kits are perfect for adults and kids because it provides a great learning experience for everyone.

Painting therapy

Art therapy is a form of therapy that encourages creativity and self-expression as vehicles to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase awareness and help remedy trauma. While many other forms of therapy depend on verbal language to express feelings and overcome personal obstacles, art therapy allows for other, more abstract forms of communication. This tactic makes room for elements of the subconscious that perhaps are not yet ready or able to be verbalized come to the surface.You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. In fact, most of the exercises rely not on the final product you create but on the therapeutic, meditative ritual of the creative process.

Our customers love paint by the numbers because it helps them to relax and bring out their creative side for both adults and kids.

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paint by numbers for adults and kids


 Bonding experience

Painting not only offers a great therapeutic environment, but can be a great way to bring families together to form a bonding experience. Parents everywhere would agree that they would love to find a way to get their children involved in something other than TV and video games.

Here are some great reasons why parents love art and painting as a bonding experience. Source is from the artful parent.

Art helps us develop a deeper, more compassionate, open-minded, intelligent experience of existence because it shows us that our perspective and actual experience of being alive is both similar and unique to others around us and across the world. – Hayley Entabi

I lead by example for my children in expressing myself through art and creativity. I want to raise my boys to be Makers… Making things/art is a great way to build character and confidence! My son’s art is framed in our house, which builds his confidence to know the things he makes are valued. – Anne Keeler

If I sit down at the table to start creating, it is never long before the kids join me with their own creative endeavor. My husband is not “artistic” but a brilliant computer programmer, and will often join us as the table with his laptop. These are my absolute favorite family moments. Art brings us together as a whole! – Kelly Gratz

Learning experience 

Our paint by number kits are perfect for kids because they provide a great learning experience that introduces them to painting. Similar to a coloring book children will be able to create a beautiful masterpiece just by matching the numbered paint to the numbered canvas.

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